Video by Lindsey Adelman and Rachel Cope in collaboration with Lauren Coleman.
    On exhibit with new lighting and wallpaper in Milan April 17-22, Project B Gallery, via Maroncelli, 7.
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  • The Edge of What We Know

    Adelman collaborates again with Senior Designer Mary Wallis casting her as the solo character in a new video The Edge of What We Know. Using precious lighting mobile elements as props that fly in slow motion through the air, a horror-movie-esque story unfolds. The heroine is startled by a stranger at the end of a hallway. As she tries to make sense of what is going on, objects are hurled at her. She defends herself and retreats to the other end, where she gathers herself in a pause. She looks her attacker straight in the eye. She musters the courage to seek revenge gaining speed towards him, grasping at any objects in her path and whips them back in attack. Finally at the front of the long hallway again, she recognizes this stranger as someone she knows. Her tension and fear melt, she looks deeply, she surrenders and cradles the unbroken porcelain shade at her chest. Does she recognize the attacker as herself?

    This video debuts at Design Miami December 2017 with an edition of new hand-made lighting. The parallels found in the lighting, the scientific references proving we are all one, and the act of creating, are woven through. The four-minute video will be shown on loop throughout the show. Each viewer experiencing one’s own reality.

    Created by Lindsey Adelman in collaboration with Pascal Perrich, 2017.

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  • Show Me

    Debuted at Wright Gallery, 2015
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    Alexandra Snook / Dancer 
    Barrett Hanrahan / Dancer
    Clare Hearns / Dancer
    Colin Cobb / Dancer
    Danielle Martinelli / Choreographer / Dancer
    Erin McAleavy / Dancer
    Ian Collings / Dancer
    Ilya Brukhman / Dancer
    Josephine Kingery / Dancer
    Kevin Quale / Dancer
    Laura Young / Vocalist / Dancer
    Leo Madriz / Composer / Costume / Dancer
    Lindsey Adelman / Creative Director / Dancer
    Mary Savel / Costume
    Mary Wallis / Dancer
    Maya Holmes / Dancer
    Ryan Dickie /Cinematographer
    Sara McBeen / Dancer
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  • Some Relationships are Better than Others

    Collective Design Fair
    May 4–8, 2016

    My presentation at Collective Design Fair explores the timeline of work emerging into being and disintegrating back to non-substance. The light fixtures I make transform from immaterial concept to systematized components to a cohesive mass and into someone else’s life. I am exploring the idea that, in a certain sense, all phases of an object exist at once. As humans we use time to break things down to help us in understanding.

    The way things come into being is as interesting to me as how they transform, disintegrate, extinguish, or are destroyed. My video captures destruction while the laborious creation is implied. In slow-motion footage two hand-blown glass and brass Burst chandeliers crash into each other. There is undeniable pleasure in destroying. It’s a big part of our relationship with things as a culture.

    With my installation, I explore the positive side of the material world being finite. In life, objects are damaged and destroyed through dancing, playing, using, loving, sharing and living life in general. All signs point to the reality that the world as we know it, and us in it, were never designed to exist forever. The video, entitled “Some Relationships Are Better Than Others” challenges the preciousness of static objects and gives value to the power of action and transformation

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  • LightMaking

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