Photo by Lauren Coleman

Founded in 2006, our studio’s signature aesthetic was born with the release of our very first product: the Branching Bubble chandelier, which combines the organic nature of blown glass with more rational, machined components. Since then, we have explored that visual tension throughout a range of products and disciplines. Lighting design is at the core of what we do, but we also work with an expanded materials palette, indulging our preoccupation with a room’s oft-neglected spaces, to create products ranging from concrete tiles to wallpaper.

We design, prototype, and build in our New York and Los Angeles studios, and we work with local manufacturers to develop and produce custom parts. Forms and ideas evolve collaboratively through 1:1 model-making and testing. With skill and care, our team of 40+ and a small network of local artisans manufacture each piece. Please contact us for a gallery visit.

Studio photography by Lauren Coleman.

Lindsey Adelman lives and works in her hometown of New York City. She has specialized in lighting design since 1996. Founded in 2006, her studio has grown into a group of forty with a recent location opening in Los Angeles. 

The lighting collections are driven by developing industrial modular systems to capture the ephemeral, fleeting beauty of nature. Adelman first discovered Industrial Design when meeting a woman carving foam French Fries for an exhibition at her editorial job at the Smithsonian and went straight to study ID at the Rhode Island School of Design. She continues to be challenged and seduced by the immaterial substance of light and is obsessed with creating forms that maximize light's sensual effect and highlight emptiness.

 Adelman’s work has been exhibited at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Design Miami, Nilufar Gallery, and BDDW, among others. For many years, the studio has embraced a philanthropic mission supporting the Robin Hood Foundation to fight poverty in New York City. Adelman credits much of the studio’s current success to this desire to make an impact.

Adelman lives with her designer husband Ian and their son Finn in Brooklyn.

All studio photography by Lauren Coleman unless otherwise credited.

New York Team:
Alex Kulagin, Comptroller
Alexander Perros, President 
Alex Snook, Production Manager 
Anelise Schroeder, Junior Designer
Avram Kosasky, Sales Associate
Barrett Hanrahan, Studio Director
Clare Hearns, Pre-Production Team
Clareen Ward, Sales Assistant
Colin Hearns, Studio Electrician
Craig Hoeksema, Sales Manager
Daniel Castillo, Junior CAD Designer
Daniela Shuli, Bookkeeping 
Emily Diehl, Accounting Manager
Erin McAleavy, Post-Production Manager
Gaby Flores, Bookkeeping / HR Coordinator
Ilya Brukhman, Digital Design Manager
Joe Sturm, Shipping Coordinator
Jordan Maurice, Junior CAD Designer 
Justin Oswald, Pre-Production Team
Karl Zahn, Design Director
Kevin Quale, Senior Designer
Leo Madriz, Director of Operations
Lindsey Adelman, Founder and Creative Director
Louise Mittelman, Sales Associate
Mary Wallis, Senior Designer
Matt Jacobs, Production Team
Paul Viruet, Pre-Production Team
Scot Bailey, Production Team
Sukari Mtume, Bookkeeping
Zak Syroka, Post-Production Team

Los Angeles Team:
Brock Shorno, Systems & Operations Manager
Christopher Jones Marino, Production Team 
Claire Boutelle, Sales Associate 
Colin Cobb, Production Manager 
Daniel Hockenson, Production Team
Fatima Hoang, Production Team 
Joe Miller, Pre & Post Production Team 
Maya Holmes, Production Team 
Sarah Beth Abernathy, Pre & Post Production Manager
Sasha Ritter, Studio Director

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Photo by Lauren Coleman

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